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Question: I've been doing research on red light cameras and it appears that, generally around the country, the citation issued is legally as important as a parking ticket. It doesn't result in a point on the driver's DMV record. What is the situation in California?

Answer: New York uses it as a parking cite and the fine is $50.00. However, where is the deterrent? If I run a red and only get a small fine and no point against my record, maybe it is worth the risk?

Q: In California, who is cited - the vehicle owner or the driver?
A: The vehicle plate is run...if there is a match on the sex of the driver, then there is an attempt to get drivers license info. If the info is obtained then the physical description is matched to the picture of the driver and if it matches then a citation is issued to the driver.

Q: Is the owner asked to identify the driver?
A: There is a box for non-liability stating they were not the driver and a line requesting the person who received the citation to "nominate" who the driver was.

Q: Does the driver receive a point on their driving record?
A: Yes, 1 pt. against the drivers record just like any other red light citation. In fact, the citation is for either 21453a (red light) or 21453c (red arrow). The authority section is 21455.5.

Q: Is the fine the same $320 that it would be for a normal ticket issued at the scene?
A: Yes, plus $1 if they go to night court!!

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