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Reduce Your Risk of Being Carjacked

* Be aware of your surroundings. Don't go to your car if anyone acting suspiciously is nearby.

* When in the car, keep the doors locked.

*Don't leave apparently valuable stuff laying in plain sight, whether you're in the car or not..

* Don't judge "suspicious" by appearance. Carjackers come in all colors, ages and are both male and female.

* Don't assume you are not at risk. Carjackers steal both hi-end and cheap cars and everything in between. And they do it day and night.

* If you put both feet out of the car, take the keys. Don't be outside the car with the keys in it for even 10 seconds, regardless of how close you may be. Example - take the keys if you are using a self-serve gas pump and you're paying at the pump.

* Use your horn to attract attention if attacked in a busy, public place. Criminals don't like noise.

* If possible, drive away. The CHP says, "It is always better to be a moving target."

* If the carjacker gets you out of the car, walk away. Do not get in the car with them. You will die.


* If the carjacker gets your keychain, what other parts of your life will they have the keys to?