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Living Trust


Diabetics, Please  Consider
Drugs and Driving

Use the Safe Driving Scheduler to avoid Driving Under the Influence of medications.

Check for drug interactions

When it's Time to Quit Driving

Golden Road can help you and your family decide.

VETERANS - Save on travel, etc. just because of your service.

Vision Problems?

You may qualify for free medical eye care.

The EyeCare America - Glaucoma Project is designed to reduce the incidence of undetected glaucoma and provide treatment for those who have the disease. Individuals who call the toll-free Helpline are screened for glaucoma by asking a series of questions designed to determine the caller's risk factor for the disease. Those found to be at moderate to high risk for glaucoma qualify for the project and are referred to a volunteer ophthalmologist in their area. For more information on the Glaucoma Project, call the toll-free Helpline at 1-800-391-EYES (3937).

Hearing Problems?

Check SHHH for general information.

Need a hearing aid? Miracle Ear will give you a free hearing test and a 30 day free trial. For your nearest center call 888-518-8877 or www.miracle-ear.com

Cheap(er) Electric Transportation

A GEM from

Have you become disabled?

This site can help.

Check your state's Medicaid benefits.
If getting in and out of your vehicle is a problem, you might try one of these Swivel Seat Cushions.
AAA now has a seniors web site.
If airbags scare you, read this.
You are never to old to be an organ donor.
     For more information.
And just a couple of reminders that maybe the old days WERE better:

Disneyland as it will never be again.

The Pike as it was and, for some of us, always will be.

P.O.P.'s Aerial Skyway is a special memory.

Yes, old friends really are the best.

Revisit your first car.