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Proper restraint of your child in the vehicle is vital and the standards of the law are frighteningly insufficient.

Do you know what is the most neglected child restraint?
Also please check
kidsncars.org (2 for 1!)

Some day your child will drive, so. . .

As you can see from the links, all driving safety experts recommend that children travel in the back seat, properly restrained, until they are 12 or 13 years old. I strongly recommend, when your child is promoted to the front seat, that their driving education begin. You will have only 3 or 4 years until they want to trade seats with you.

As you drive with this soon-to-be-driving child next to you, discuss driving:

  • Explain the law (this will require that you know it) in real-world terms.
  • Point out law-breakers and explain why people do such things. Explain their reasons for doing such things and why they are invalid.
  • Point out unsafe driving and explain how it could be done better.
  • Let them get involved in making driving decisions - for example:
    • At a 4-way stop - "Tell me when it's my turn to go."
    • At a left turn against traffic - "Tell me when it's safe to go."
    • When approaching an intersection - "If the light turns to yellow, tell me immediately if I should stop or go."
    • On a freeway - "Tell me when I should start moving toward the exit."

If we had all received this 3-4 years of concentrated programming regarding driving safety, maybe the roadways of America wouldn't be littered with the shattered and dying bodies of our loved ones.

And when they turn 15 and start talking about their learner's permit, come back to BobSaid.com and click on "Parents with teens starting to drive".

For your movie-going peace of mind - check out kids-in-mind.com