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Make sure your teen driver-to-be reads carefully all items in the vital Info section of this website. Most of us only learn these things the hard way. It's far better to be forewarned.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to be an example of all things good, as per the following article of March 8, 2001 from Reuters Health:

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - "Teenager see, teenager do" apparently applies to more than the example American parents set in the home. When it comes to running a red light, speeding or crashing into a sign, researchers say that if Mom and Dad are bad drivers, the chances are good that their newly licensed sons and daughters will follow their lead.
"I don't think it's surprising that among sons and daughters there is some modeling going on. They obviously watch what parents say and even more what they do, and driving styles can be communicated that way," said study co-author Allan F. Williams, chief scientist at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in Arlington, Virginia.

If you don't really trust your child, but you still want them to drive, for whatever reason, you might consider one of the following monitoring services:

Please do not underestimate the dangers of teens who drink whether they drive or not.

If your teen will be driving in snow and ice, consider sending them to Colorado for in-person, behind-the-wheel winter driving during the period December 15th through March 9th. at the Bridgestone Winter Driving School. Telephone # 1-800-Why-Skid. They have a manual and video available but behind-the-wheel is best.

In Southern California, ask your church, synagogue, community group or employer to sponsor a Responsible Teen Driver Seminar. You really do need the 17-paragraph Responsible Teen Driver Agreement, but you're not ready for it until after the Seminar.

If you want Bob's opinion regarding your teen starting to drive,
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