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Here you will find tools created by Bob to assist you in driving safely.
We are always interested in hearing your suggestions.

Diabetics, Please Consider
Impaired Driving - It's not just for drunks any more
How to Spot a Drunk Driver
Also, what to do if you suspect a drunk driver.
The Truth About Pedestrians
The "Right-of-Way" fallacy.

Get the Keys    
How you can intervene.
How to Avoid Explosions at the Gas Pump
A growing concern is cars exploding while being fueled at the gas station.
Fatigue Test
Are you a fatigued driver?
How to Shop For Auto Insurance
Seasonal Checkup
Keep your car's maintenance current
Useful Tire Information
What you need to know to maintain your cars tires, what to look for when buying, and how to read their serial codes
Car Fires
How to avoid them,and what to do if it happens to you.
Freeway Break Downs
What to do when you break down on the freeway.
Windshield Repairs
What should you do if your windshield has a crack? What about a flaw? What are your options? Bob answers these questions for you
Reduce Your Risk of Being Carjacked
The Truth About Pedestrians
How Not To Get Shot By A Cop
Bob didn't write this but loves it!